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    Dear Marketer,
    If you are like me who has been struggling for years looking for the right mentors and trying for different methods to make money online, but still keep failing to make a decent income from internet endeavour, then you have come to the right place at the right time !

    Make money online
    Before I came across this great program, I had bought countless courses from JvZoo or WarriorPlus and spent huge amount of money to learn the different methods from the so-called “guru” or “mentor”. I am not saying those courses or trainings have no value, but the fact is most of them don’t work as advertised or they are incomplete, piece by piece, which does not provide a complete working solution !

    internet marketing
    You are tempted to spend more and more money buying from them as thy will flooded your email account with non stop new products ! I always asked myself when should I put a full stop to all this and just stick with one genuine mentor with his working blueprint and who can lead me to the success path !
    I came across the IPRO Partner Program by Dean Holland when click one of my email in my mail box, out of despair and frustration. It was an absolute game changer for me. Honestly at the time it came into my life, I really wasn’t looking for another program. I just so happen to be on Dean’s email list because I was keeping an eye on him. LOL….Seriously I was.
    He came from a coaching program by Alex Jeffrey and I had taken part in that program as well and Alex mentioned that Dean was one of his first clients. He went on and on about how he went from 60k in debt and turned everything around rather quickly since he started coaching him.
    Well, being the “curious” people that we are, I just had to jump on his list and follow what he was doing. So one day, while I’m at work, I get an email about a webinar that was about to get started at 11 a.m. CST. Of course, me being the type of person that I am, jumped on my iPad and tuned in. He started the presentation about how when you come online, the things that are necessary to be successful.

    He went on to talk about how 97% of the marketers are failing because their business is not built for the long term. They are more or less the churn and burn crowd that is promoting product after product to their list and trying to make a dollar there. Not a long term strategy and not a real business.
    Sounding good so far…..I’m liking what I’m hearing. Keep it coming Deano.
    He goes on to talk about how he’s built his business and the products that he has in his funnel. He opens up his numbers and shares with us his conversion factors and how well the products are selling. Very persuasive. Keep it coming Dean.
    So as any of us savvy marketers would think, ok where’s the punch line and how much is this going to cost? You know it’s not free right? Right!
    He then says this. If most of you are familiar with franchises, then you’ll understand this. If you go and buy a McDonald’s franchise it’s going to cost you a pretty penny, BUT, you know that in due time you’re going to recoup your investment because it is a profitable franchise and has a worldwide brand. No brainer, right? He shares other franchises as well and I’m finally starting to get the picture.
    He’s about to open up his business to us. He is allowing us to be franchisees. Yep. Spot on. But, I’m counting up the cost in my head and thinking oh buddy, this is going to be EXPENSIVE. I’m thinking at least $10,000 or $9997 as they like to price things. Well, I was wrong.
    He goes on to share how most so called affiliate programs may give you 100% of the front end product commissions, but on the back end they are going to reap the huge dollars. Think about it. If they sale a product for $10 or $20 for that matter and let you have all of the money minus the fees, how does that hurt them? It doesn’t because their primary interest is in acquiring a customer or buyer. Their whole objective is to create a “buyers list” that they can sell to over and over again.
    I never really thought of it like that, but now Mr Dean is starting to teach me something about how this internet game is being played. Mind you, value is still being delivered to the customer, so the customer is not losing out at all. Not even the affiliate (at least on the front end), or the marketer, because as I said, he’s acquiring the customer. Now on the backend, there is a business plan in place to convert those initial buyers into higher ticket items for greater profits. Again, the customer is not losing out, they are just getting additional products that will help them even further to reach their personal goals.
    Truth is, we’ve all been exposed to this type of marketing even at McDonald’s. They bait you in with a $1 burger and then ask if you would like to super size the fries and the drink…right? So you super size it and pay more, but you get what you desire and so does they. There is nothing illegal or immoral about providing a further service or product to a customer to fulfill their needs.
    So, here I am listening to the presentation and starting to see this as a viable solution, at least for starters. He then goes on and shares his fee for joining the IPro Partner Program . It was much less than what I thought, so I jumped on it. Our primary responsibility is to just drive traffic to the front end of the funnel and let they system do the work.
    After I joined for less than one week, I have made close to USD100 with the traffic method he taught in the course, and it is amazing to me to see result in such short period. All the hard work has been done for you, you just need to drive traffic to the ready made funnel Dean provided, and and good thing is he even share with you in detail what are the Free and Paid traffic methods to use ! I am no on my way to aim for big ticket commission of $1K with the FB community and dean’s team close support and mentoring
    I’m thinking, wow, it’s actually starting to work for me. All of these years of trying this and that and buying into program after program. Wasting so much time, well I won’t say wasting because there was some very valuable lessons during those years that has prepared me to become a better entrepreneur.

    Since I joined things have changed and for the better. Due to the success of the program, Dean has decided to take a different approach. Not anyone can join just as we did a few months back. You actually have to apply to join now. There is a small application fee of about $9.95 and is completely refundable, but it’s in place to weed out the tire kickers and those that are not really serious about changing their lives.
    You may or may not get accepted since this is a real game changer and will be responsible for creating many multiple six figure earners. This is a serious six figure shortcut for any savvy marketer. Dean and his team are combing through applications as I write this post looking for those who are not ones that make excuses, but they make things happen. If that describes you, then I invite you to watch free video to find out more and see if you have what it takes to take your life and business to the next level.
    I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about your success story as well. You just have to realise that you have what it takes to get there, you just need an opportunity to make it happen. This could be your opportunity if you’re accepted. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    I will share with you more about my journey with iPro in my next post ! But more importantly, you got to start the first step today !
    Click the image below and jump on the ship that sail you to the success path !

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